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Nike Shopfront Glass

Shoppers were invited to browse the catalogue of shoes on a virtual shoe rack and flick through the many different models with a simple touch or gesture.

Client: Nike

Industry: Retail

Product: Wall it Infotainment Multi-Touch Glass Display

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. Nike leads the world when it comes to branding, marketing and retailing of sportswear. When they wanted to revolutionize the retail experience within their flagship Nike stores they decided to go futuristic with a Wal it Infotainment Multi-Touch glass displays. Shoppers were invited to browse the catalogue of shoes on a virtual shoe rack and flick through the many different models with a simple touch or gesture. The shoppers could also narrow down to a specific model and view more details like shoe-type, features such as cushioning, weight, model name, colors, including a 360 degree view. The shoppers were engaged more deeply with the product and this experience provided a vital connection right up to the actual trial and purchase – a futuristic concept for a product that is well-known for driving the future.

Impact: Nike continues to drive the future along with engaging the shoppers in-store in the most unique fashion. The installations also resulted in more educated shoppers Read more about Nike Shopfront Glass

DIONWIRED Instore Pilot

Piloting the DIONWIRED's newsletter using the Wall it Infotainment System


Industry: Electronics

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Wall

Wall it used DIONWIRED's newsletter to showcase how the Wall it's infotainment system can be implemented to the DIONWIRED brand.

Impact: Showcasing DIONWIRED along with their products in a memorable and lasting experience. The clients were pushed to an application on an iPad next to the TV where they could fill in their details to sign up for the weekly newsletters as well as entering themselves into the competition. Read more about DIONWIRED Instore Pilot

65″ Multi-touch Experience Royal Enfield

To drive home the extremely strong historical context of the brand and to reinforce the connect with its many fans.

Client: Royal Enfield

Industry: Auto

Product: Wall it Infotainment 65" Interactive Multi-Touch Screen

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. Royal Enfield is an iconic brand steeped in history. As the oldest bike in continuous production in the world it has legions of followers across the globe who consider themselves experts at every twist and turn in the story of the company and the brand values this sentiment tremendously. To give these committed brand advocates access to the complete history of the bike in one place and to indulge their need to check into specific points in the timeline Royal Enfield has provided an Interactive Timeline at the reception of their main factory in India. MagixTouch Multi-touch technology on a 65 inch screen brings to life this time line containing information about the bikes of the time, the designers, specifications, advertisements, press clippings and several nuggets of visually appealing information. Visitors can go forward and back in time and home into specific years and feed their fancy to the fullest. What a way to really get to know a brand and its fascinating journey through time !

Impact: The visitors are made aware of the fascinating journey of the brand in an unforgettable manner. Read more about 65″ Multi-touch Experience Royal Enfield

Match your color with Crown Paints

To provide a solution allowing customers to experience product options in an engaging manner

Client: Crown Paints - Africa

Industry: Paints

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Kiosk

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. One of the leading Decorative Paint brands in Africa was looking to create a coherent experience across online and retail channels in some of its leading markets. Buying a product like paint for the home can be a stressful experience for the un-initiated as once the home is painted the process can’t really be reversed.
To help buyers agonizing over such a decision the brand heavily makes use of online resources that allow prospective clients to learn more about different shades and how they will make the rooms look when applied on their walls. A similar “Interior Customization” experience was made available at selected retail outlets. Specially customized content gave visitors to the store the option of trying out different colours, combinations and product variants across whole rooms or sections of walls to see how it would look in a close-to-real kind of experience. The “virtual paint” option could of course be reversed with a single touch or swipe – a stress free way to ensure trials for size or colour before the actual purchase!

Impact: The objective was product education and helping to maintain a consistent perception of the brand and products across various channels. The activity also created personalised brand engagement. Read more about Match your color with Crown Paints

Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

launching Airtel targeted at the young consumer in a manner guaranteed to get their attention

Client: Airtel

Industry: Telecom

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Floor

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. Airtel, one of India’s most media conscious brands, was aiming for high recall and engagement on the occasion of a brand overhaul. They chose a variety of media platforms to reach out to the young audience that was the focus of the brand. Among the most memorable events was an Interactive Bowling Alley that was “rolled out” in premium locations in 4 cities. The lanes became the scene of a blazing Airtel logo that chased the ball to the pins & then raced back to the player for a visually stunning & memorable game experience. You could say it was a “strike”!

Impact: The primary target audience, the youth, found this a fun, innovative way to engage with the brand & the new logo. Read more about Airtel Interactive Bowling Alley via BrandBox

Snickers Sweetening the Deal for Vegetarians

Positioning an approach for Snickers for a completely new category in a manner activating recall

Client: Snickers

Industry: Consumer Goods

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Wall and Multi Touch Kiosk

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. Snickers is among the most loved chocolate brands in the world with a well-known positioning. With a large vegetarian population in India Snickers saw an opportunity to take a unique positioning as a completely vegetarian chocolate and chose to make a big push into the markets identified as having a substantial number of people fitting the target profile. They held events in malls across such locations that included a high degree of interactivity. On the Interactive Wall visitors were invited to assemble a Snickers bar complete with a prominent “Green Dot” designating the vegetarian nature of the finished product. The Wall ensured very high visibility at the location. In an innovative demonstration of the offline-online connect there was also a game that the visitors could play on an Interactive Kiosk to claim a free Snickers bar – but only if they shared the experience on their personal Facebook Page. Visitors were clamouring to play the game & then log into their personal Facebook accounts to share the experience as also the brand positioning thus extending the reach of the promotion from the location to all over the web via the thousands of friends of each booth visitor. An innovative way to multiply the visibility of the brand beyond the boundaries of the physical site!

Impact: The new positioning for Snickers as a “Vegetarian” product was amply demonstrated – on location & through social media. A Truly memorable experience. Read more about Snickers Sweetening the Deal for Vegetarians

Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

To give a completely new and memorable dimension to the re-launch of Skoda

Client: Skoda

Industry: Car

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Kiosk

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ a partner of Wall it. Automobile brands lead the way when it comes to the use of new techniques and technologies to create a differentiated experience for their customers and this starts at the time of the launch itself – or in this case the re-launch. The Skoda Octavia is a familiar name for luxury car fans in India and when the latest variant was released in India to the media, the channel and partners the event had to be spectacular. A tool Skoda leveraged heavily was a 3D Visualizer that allowed visitors to get a complete experience of the car – everything except actually driving it that is! Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™ with specially designed content allowed visitors to view different variants and colours of the newly launched variant with a touch or a swipe. The inner state was maintained consistent with the model chosen as the visitors viewed the interiors of the car. Once virtually inside they could open doors and windows and also the boot, retract mirrors, adjust handles, open the glove box, turn on and switch off the lights and see the seats as they actually would be. The interactivity brought the 3-D effects to life, a new dimension as it were, while allowing the visitors to get a truly up-close and personal feel of the car.

Impact: Visitors were left dazzled with the new car as well as with this completely unique way of allowing each of them to experience it at their own pace. Read more about Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

Social Musical Interaction

Using gesture technology to boost social interaction for EyeSight

Client: eyeSight

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Product: Wall it Infotainment Interactive Wall

This activation was done by MotionMagix™ Gesture recognition is all set to change the way we interact with almost everything. Our partner in Israel wanted to see how people react to gesture recognition technology and if this technology could boost social interaction. TouchMagix developed the content and software for this installation for this very purpose. At the heart of this interaction lies the technology behind MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall. A hand icon flashed on the screen and people had to copy the motion displayed on the screen to start the program. As in a music mixer the content was designed to split into smaller parts, this screen and the music could be controlled by many people at the same time.This novel public interaction program was a huge success and generated a lot of interest even online because of its unique interactive content and received close to a 100,000 views soon after it was uploaded.

Impact: The installation generated a lot of buzz both online and offline because of its unique content and technology capability becoming a viral sensation. Read more about Social Musical Interaction